Using Open Registration

Eyrus provides multiple ways for members of the workforce to easily register to a project. Open registration utilizes a web URL or QR code that can be shared for easy access to the project registration form.

Finding & sharing the open registration link

In order for tradespeople to register to your project they will need a registration link that includes the unique project code. This can be found in the Registrations section in Apex.

In the side menu, head to Registrations - then click the "Pin" tab. This displays your Admin PIN code for on-site registrations using the registrations site. This page also includes the project-specific registration link and QR code. These can be copied or downloaded and shared as needed for folks registering to the project.


Using the registration link

The open registration link includes the project code. When clicked, the Eyrus registrations site will open with the code pre-filled. Once a tradesperson clicks Get Started they will be directed to the registration form.

Screen_Shot_2022-10-11_at_1.01.02_PM.pngAt the end of the form the tradesperson will be able to review their submission. Once submitted their registration will be marked as Pending in Eyrus for review and approval by a project representative.


Approving Pending Registrations

The registrations site is also the place for project administrators and management to review and approve submitted registrations. To learn more about pending registrations visit our support article.




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