Getting Started with the Eyrus App

The Eyrus app provides a simple way to register and check-in and out of a project site using your phone as a digital badge. In addition to automatically handling daily timesheets the app provides a way to update your work profile, see your timesheet history, and present a digital form of project identification.

The app uses geolocation to provide check-in/check-out reminder notifications once you've entered a defined site boundary.

Please note: to provide check-in notifications automatically the app requires location services to be set to Always Allow. Eyrus is only seeing if a tradesperson has entered or left the defined site boundary. No other location information is shared from the device.

Get started

To get started download the Eyrus app from the Apple App Store or Google Play.

Once installed, the app will ask for a few details and provide a one-time password via text.


Location Permissions

The app will also ask you to allow notifications and location services. Please ensure location services are set to 'Always Allow' for check-in notifications to work correctly.

If set to "While using the app" the app will check to see if you're inside the site boundary once you open the app for the day.

For Android users, the app and OS will guide you to making this selection in Settings.

For iOS users, you can verify this selection is correct by going to Settings - Privacy & Security - Location Services. Then tap the Eyrus app and set to "Always."


Register to a project

Next, you can register to your project. Scan the project QR code that was provided, or type in the 6-digit project code. If you're already registered to the project with your phone number you will skip registration and be able to start logging time on-site. Otherwise, complete the required registration steps.


Using the app

After you've submitted your registration it needs to be approved by a project administrator or represented. Once approved you will receive a text message and can begin logging time on-site.


If location if required to check-in for your project ensure that location services are set to Always Allow or While Using the App. Once you're inside the site boundary you can now tap to check-in. Tap again to check-out.

Some projects do not require location validation for check-in. In this case the check-in button will always be enabled.


Now you can view your timesheets, update your profile, and manage your time accordingly.


Using a Check-in Sign

If your project is using NFC-enabled check-in signs you can check-in by tapping the back of your phone against the sign. These signs are pre-configured to your project and include an embedded tag to easily facilitate site check-in. On iOS, this will present a notification to direct you to your project the Eyrus app and allow you to check-in. On Android, tapping the sign will automatically open the Eyrus app.

Once checked in, you can either tap the red button to stop time and check-out, or if the app isn't opened tap the sign again to be directed to check-out.



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