How to Unassign a Badge/Beacon

Their are several reasons why a badge or beacon may need to be unassigned from a worker.  Below are some examples of when a badge might be unassigned from a worker:

- Worker has been terminated/resigned from the site

- Worker lost the badge

- Worker changes companies and needs a new badge to reflect the new company

- Workers badge has been damaged and no longer works 

To Unassign a badge you will need to take the following steps:

1.  From the home page click on the tile at the top of the page then click on people.

2.  Once in the people page type in the name of the worker whose badge you would like to unassign.  Once you find them in the directory go to their profile by clicking on their name.  

3.  Inside the profile click on "Badges".  

4.  Inside badges tab click on the settings button on the badge you would like to unassign.  

5.  Inside the settings page select the end date of the badge.  Please note if you select a previous date to end the badge, any data after the end date associated with the badge will not be recorded in the timesheets section.  Once the end date is selected click "save changes".  The badge is now unassigned.  

Never delete a badge assignment all hours associated with the badge will be lost and this is not recoverable.  The delete badge option is only for removing badges from profiles that have never been used or added by accident with no data associated with them.

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