Text Messaging Workforce

The Eyrus dashboard provides a text messaging platform to communicate with the workforce on site.  To take full advantage of this feature we highly recommend collecting all worker phone numbers during registration.  In addition to the text messaging platform, Eyrus offers an evacuation system that incorporates text messaging for more information on this click here.  Below are the ways to access the text messaging features.  

1.  The first way to access the text messaging feature is to click on the the tile in the top of the page then click on communications.

2.  Inside the communication tab you will see the message workforce button in the top right click on this to create and send a message to the workforce.  Also on this page the amount of messages remaining in the specified text messaging plan for the site and the previous message sent.  Clicking the down arrow on the previous texts sent will display the message sent to the workforce. 

3.  In the message workforce tab you can select specific companies you would like to message or all companies in the dropdown.  The audience option allow you to text everyone or only workers with active badges (not end dated or deleted).  The timeframe function will allow you to choose a date range of who was on site during that time or just workers that are on site now.

4.  The text messaging feature can also be accessed from the home page located under the quick actions button at the top of the page.  The same message workforce option described in step 3 will appear on the right side of the screen.

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