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The Eyrus home page allows you to view and easily access all of the features of the dashboard as well as see an overview of what is happening on site.  These overview items include seen count, on site now(if enabled), system wide text based alerts, headcount summary's, total hours logged, and TCI score (explained below). 

The button on the top left will allow for the side panel to collapse for a bigger home page viewing area.  The Progress button will bring you to the Progress page to view hours and headcount trends over time.

The Access Log button will bring you to the Access Log page to view real-time access events such as NFC taps, mobile check-ins, or turnstile access. Please note that only access control sites have this page enabled. 

The Help button will bring you to our support page.


The Menu on the top left of the page will allow you to navigate to all of the different pages the system has to offer.  Each page has its own guide that can be found here on our support site.  



Quick Actions in the top right will allow you to perform tasks like assigning a badge, messaging the workforce, registration, and evacuations with one click.  



The Profile button in the top right will allow you to access your profile as well as any other jobs you may have access to in the Eyrus system as well as open your profile settings that will allow you to change your password if needed.  You can also sign out of the dashboard from here.  



The TCI (Trade Consistency Index) score on the bottom of the page is the percentage of workers on site that have worked over 80 hours on the job.  A good TCI score is considered 75% and above.  As the project progress this number should trend up not down.  A trend down would indicate new work force coming on site which could mean more risk on the jobsite.  





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