Editable Timesheet FAQs

Can anyone edit timesheets?

No. Only admin users who have been given the unique permission to edit timesheets can perform the actions.

Can someone edit their own timesheets?

If an admin user has the edit timesheet permission they're able to edit timesheets for all registered workers. These actions are logged.

Is there a record of previous information if someone does change a timesheet?

Yes. The Change Log tab of the worker profile lists any changes made to a timesheet include who made the action and when.

Can you edit timesheets for a group of people?

Yes. There is a bulk action available on the Workforce Directory to edit for a group of individuals.

Can you edit timesheets for a whole company or crew?

Yes. You can filter the Workforce Directory to a specific group and then use the bulk action to edit timesheets for a given day.

How do you get the permission to edit timesheets?

An admin user must turn it on for your role.

Can I see who has edited a timesheet?

Yes. The Change Log lists who made the change. You can also hover over an edited timesheet on the Timesheets tab of the worker profile to see who made the change and what date is was updated.

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