Key Person alert

The Key Person alert is to help you make sure the important people keep showing up to the site.  You can add as many people as you like as well as set a time period in which you want to make sure that person comes back to the site.  For example: If you pick Jane Doe and set the time period to 14 days if Jane isn't seen for 15 calendar days the system will generate an alert.

Add someone as a Key Person

When the page first loads no one is marked as a Key Person.  Click Add Employee to get started.

After clicking Add Employee a new empty row will be displayed.  Use the autocomplete to find the employee you want to mark as a key person and enter the number of days since last seen then click Save Changes.

The autocomplete will start searching for people after you enter in 3 characters.  The person has to have been seen on the project before adding them as a key person.


Removing someone as a Key Person

Click on the trash   icon to remove the employee and then click Yes to confirm the deletion.

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