How to turn alerts on/off

When your project starts no alerts are turned on.  Turning on and configuring alerts is two steps: 1) active the alert in eyrus and then 2) configuring that particular alert's detail settings.

Activating Alerts

  • Click the Hamburger icon  in the top left to open up the sidebar, then select Alerts.


The alerts list page will open. From here you can click on any alert to activate it. 

Once you activate an alert, it will automatically redirect you to the settings page for that alert.  There will also be a popup reminder that you have to fill out the details before the alert is finalized.  The pop up will look like this:

Configuring Alert Detail 

Click one of the links below to learn more about how the different alerts work and what need to be configured.

Deactivating alerts

From the alert list page simply hover over the toogle and click it to Off.


Any active alerts for the alert that was just deactivated will clear the next morning when the alert process reruns.

Now that you know how to turn alerts on and off, learn more about how to use them.

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