How to setup alert notifications

Eyrus alert system can send out text messages when alerts change state.  To find when notifications get sent see: What actions trigger alert notifications

Click the Hamburger icon  in the top left to open up the sidebar, then select Alerts.

The alerts list page will open. From here click on alert subscribers.

The alert subscribers page will open and be empty by default.  From here click on the Add Subscriber button to start adding a notifications subscriber.

Clicking Add Subscriber will populate an empty row to fill in.  Fill in the Name as well as the phone number.  Phone number has to be all digits including area code and we only support phone numbers from the +1 (United States) country code.

Once everything is filled in click the Save icon.  Each row is saved/deleted one at a time.

How to edit a subscriber

If you need to edit a person's phone number click the Edit icon make your changes and then hit Save .

 How to delete a subscriber

If you need to delete a subscriber delete the Delete icon.

And then confirm the deletion.

Learn more about alert notifications:

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