End Date in Jeopardy alerts

The end date in jeopardy alerts use the project velocity along with the hours record on the previous business day to determine how many days ahead or behind the project is.  Is the number of days behind is greater than the cutoff an alert will be generated.


  • Hours recorded to previous business day: 90,000
  • Hours projected to previous business day: 95,000
  • Hours recorded on previous business day: 1,600

Days Behind = (90,000 - 95,000) / 1,600 = -3.125 days behind

In the above example if the cut off is 1, 2 or 3 days the alerts will generate.  Any number greater than 4 will not cause the alert to generate.

Project and End Date in Jeopardy Alert

There are two flavors of the end date in jeopardy alert - Project and Critical.  Both alerts use the same calculation to determine days behind the only difference is what contracts are included.  The project version looks at all contracts while the critical version only looks at contracts marked as critical.

Setting up an End Date in Jeopardy Alert

When the page first load it will default to 0 days behind.  Enter in the number of days behind and then click Save Changes.

Stop monitoring an end date alert

In order to stop monitoring an end date alert you need to turn the alert off.  To learn more about how to toggle an alert off see: How to turn alerts on/off

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