What if a beacon is found onsite

If a beacon is found onsite one of two things should be done.  The beacon either needs to be reattached to a hardhat or the beacon needs to be deactivated.  Either way the first step is to identify who the beacon belongs to; in order to do this we will use the employee report.  To get there navigate to the Report section in the main top level navigation.

Then in the sub menu head over to the Employee Report.

If the Tags column isn't visible use the column chooser button to open up the column chooser dialog and add in the Tags columns.

Enter in the beacon number you are looking for into the header to search who the beacon belongs to.

The beacon can then be reattached to their hardhat if the adhesive is intact.  If the adhesive is not intact then use double-sided tape to reattached the beacon.  Double-sided taped was provided in your on-boarding package. 

If the beacon needs be deactivated, please follow the instruction in the How to remove a beacon from an tradesperson article.

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