Self-service Reports

Reporting against the data Eyrus collects is critical to workforce visibility. Currently Eyrus offers 8 unique reports that are accessible and configurable in Apex:

  • Daily Report
  • Weekly Report
  • Evacuation Report
  • Alerts Report
  • Workforce Report
  • Timesheet Report
  • Undetected Device Report
  • Zone Report

Daily Report

The daily report is obviously data for a single day.  For a given day Eyrus will give you headcount by contract for that day along with the first and last seen for each tradesperson.

Weekly Report

This report is for a calendar week.  This report gives headcount data at the contract level for a week.  A week in Eyrus is Sunday - Saturday (inclusive).

Evacuation Report

This report gives you the the most recent read for each person on each day.

Alerts Report

If you have alerts enabled this will give you a history of any alerts regardless of status along with an audit log of updates to the alert while it was active.

Employee report

This is a project directory of any tradesperson who has been on or registered to your project.  There are no date ranges options for this report.  It runs from the beginning of the project until yesterday.

Timesheet report

This report is similar to the Employee Report but instead of giving one row for each tradesperson the report shows one row for each day that person has been read by the system.  This report can be run for an ad hoc time period.

Undetected Device report

This report displays all devices that were not detected onsite for a given date.

Zone Report

This report show zone-specific activity. Select one or multiple zones over a given date range and the platform will display relevant timesheet activity.



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