Timesheets Report

While the daily report is for a day and the weekly report is for a weekly the timesheets report can be run for almost any time period.  For the entire project it can be run for 45 days or for a single contractor for 180 days.  For the given time period the timesheets report will give you details of all the tradespeople's timesheets.

To get to the employee report first click Reports -> Timesheets Report.

Each row on the timesheets report corresponds a tradesperson's timesheet for a single day.  If your time period is 10 days and a person was there for 8 of those days they will have 8 rows in the report one for each day.  The timesheets report gives you details on each person's timesheet like first/last seen for a day and gross hours on site and other attributes.  See our What are the available fields for registrations article to see what fields are available.

The timesheets report uses our advanced grids to provide enhanced queries.  To learn more about the advanced grids see our How to use the advanced grids article.

Now that you know how to use the advanced gird, here are some sample queries you can use the timesheets report for:

  • Average hours on site for a particular contractor last month
  • Hours by different titles

Average hours on site for a particular contractor last month

If you group by a contract you can see the average hours on site each day

 Hours by different titles

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