How to create a prime contract

Navigate over to the contract management section.

Click the Add Contract button.

That will open up the add contract form.  To add a prime contract select the Prime option.  This will make visible the prime contract form.  The bottom four fields will only show up if the user has the manage contracts (values) permission.  Fill out the form and click Add Prime Contract.

To understand some detailed contract situations some more please continue reading.

How to select a company

To select the company for the contract use the auto complete text input.  If you see the company in the auto complete select it.  However if you cannot find the company for the contract click the "Can't find your company, click here to create a new company" link.  This will bring up the Add new company section.  Type in the company's name and click the Add Company button

Our system will check to see if we find any companies with similar names in our database already.  If we don't find any companies we will add the new company and set as the selected company.  However if we find a company with a similar name we will show a warning message with all the potential matches.

If your company is one of the companies in the list click the use this company link and we will use the existing company.  If however your company is different then the ones already in the system close the warning and click Add Company again.  This will add your new company.

Selecting a trade

Once you select a CSI Division we will set the Trades dropdown to have the common trades for that division.  If you liked one of the predefined trades select it from the list.  If you want to write in your own trade select the other option and then a new text box appears for you to write in your own trade.

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