Assigning a Site Entrance & Exit

In order to see an accurate on-site now headcount Eyrus needs to know what zone(s) on the site are the actual site entrance/exit zones. Once this is determined the system can display the current workforce count as people badge in and out of the site.

Please note that the "Workforce On-site Now" dashboard metric will not be displayed unless there is at least one zone assigned as a site entrance & exit.

Assigning a site entrance & exit zone

In order for a zone to qualify as a site entrance and exit it must have an NFC reader assigned and/or have access points set with a direction (in or out).

In the Zones list, click the zone you would like to set as a site entrance/exit.


Under the Actions dropdown in the zone profile, click "Assign as site entrance & exit."Screen_Shot_2022-02-28_at_12.11.09_PM.png

Confirm that this zone should be assigned. Only zones that meet specific requirements can be assigned as site entrances and exits including have a reader assigned that is NFC and/or includes port assignments in directionality (in/out).


Once assigned you will see a badge on the zone list as well as the zone profile indicating it is set as a site entrance/exit.

You may set more than one zone as a site entrance/exit.


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