Using On-site Status

Enabling on-site status in Eyrus provides real-time account for an individual's location, whether having badged in or out of the site's designated entrances and exits. For information on how to enable On-site Now capabilities, please see our guide.

A worker's on-site status can be viewed and utilized in a few places across Eyrus.

Workforce Profile

Each profile in the workforce directory will include a badge indicating current on-site status.





The Advanced Workforce Directory and Timesheets Report both include the option to add the "On-site Status" column, allowing sorting, filtering, and exporting of data based on current status.

Please note that On-site Status is a real-time attribute and reflects the current status for an individual.





Text Messaging

At times there may be a need to send text messages to only those individuals who are currently on-site. The Timeframe dropdown in the messaging tool includes this option. The written message will only be sent to those currently badged IN to the site.




Evacuation Sessions

In effort to provide the most up-to-date information in the event of an evac session, the checklist includes on-site status for each individual as well as the option to filter by status.







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