Using Registration Documents

Depending on the project requirements there might be necessary documents and/or policies that a worker needs to review and sign during the registration process. The Eyrus Registrations app supports the ability to include multiple PDF documents that can be reviewed and digitally signed. This reduces the needs for paper-based processes and streamlines the registration flow.

Uploading a document

First a project admin or manager will upload the necessary PDF documents into Apex. At this time only PDF documents are supported. Head to the Documents tab on the Registrations screen. From here you can upload and title documents to be reviewed and signed during registration. The title given to the document is what will be displayed to the worker in the Registrations app.

Please note that any documents uploaded will require a signature in the Registrations app in order to continue and submit.





Reviewing & Signing

Once a document has been uploaded to the project in Apex it will automatically become available for review and signing in the Registrations app. A tab called "Documents" will be visible which lists any documents that need signed. All registrants will be required to review and sign all documents indicating that they have been reviewed and understood.


Clicking a document will open it in a preview for viewing. Once the worker has scrolled to the bottom of the document they will be able to continue to the signature screen.


Using a mouse or touchscreen workers can sign their name after reviewing each required document. This signature is captured and saved to their profile in Apex.


Seeing Signature Acknowledgment 

Any project docs that were signed during registration are saved to each worker's profile in Eyrus. Head to the Documents tab on a worker profile screen. From here you can see the name of the document that was signed, the date of signature, and the signature image.




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