Reader Status Alerts

The health of the reader hardware on-site is vital to the performance of the Eyrus system. At times, there is potential for a reader to go offline due to a power outage or network issue. Reader Status Alerts provide fast notification via text message should a reader on-site change status unexpectedly and/or change power source, such as going from hardwired to battery-powered.

Setting up reader status alerts

Enabling reader status alerts is simple. Head to the Alerts screen in Apex (using the side menu) and look for Reader Status Alerts. Toggle the switch to ON and that's it - anyone subscribed to All Alerts will automatically receive a text message should a reader encounter a connection issue.


Manage Alert Settings

Once the alert is toggled ON, you can access the settings screen. Here you can choose to set a delay based on which type of reader is triggering a status alert. This prevents the system from sending "false alarm" text messages should the reader go offline and immediately come back online due to a very short loss of power or if the reader should quickly regain connection. If a delay is not set, the system places a default 1 hour delay for both BLE and NFC reader types. In this scenario, if a reader goes offline the system will wait 1 hour before sending the alert in case the connection is restored.



Adding Subscribers

Managing alert subscribers can also be completed on the Alerts screen. Click the "Alert Subscribers" tab at the top of the page. From here you can see who is currently subscribed to specfiic alerts, edit those subscriptions, or remove subscribers.

To add a new subscribers click "Add Subscriber" and completed the necessary fields including name, phone number, and what alerts this person should recieve.


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