Eyrus Workforce App FAQs

What does the app do?

The Eyrus app provides a full digital badging solution. Team members can use the app to register to a project, check-in and out, view timesheet information, view and edit profile information, and display project-related identification. See our overview and tutorial here.

Can I use this on multiple projects that use Eyrus? If so, how do I switch?

Yes, you can use the Eyrus app on multiple projects so long as they're managed using Eyrus as a badging solution. Tap your profile image to go to the project list. From here you can switch projects, or register to a new project.

How do I register on a project?

Project administration can share either a QR code or 6 digit project code to make registering easy. Scan or enter this code in the Eyrus app and it will present you with the registration form for that project.

How do I know my registration has been approved?

If the project requires registrations to be reviewed, you will receive a text message once your registration has been approved. In the app, you will also notice that the project icon has changed from orange to green and you can now tap the project to start logging time.

What happens if my registration has been denied?

If the project requires registration review and it's been denied you will need to re-submit the registration form to be reviewed again. The reviewer has the option to send a text message with any required changes/reasoning for the denial.

How do I check-in to a jobsite?

Depending on the requirements of the project you can use the Eyrus app to check-in and out in a few ways. Depending on the location services permissions you've set the app will provide notifications when you're on or near the site.

  • Tap "Check-in" when you've arrived on-site.
  • Tap "Check-out" when you're leaving the site.
  • Tap an Eyrus sign with your device to check-in and out (this option can be used on projects that don't require location services to be turned on).

Will the app continue monitoring my phone’s location after I leave the jobsite?

If you have set location services to “Always Allow” the app will monitor location only to notify you if you’ve entered the project region.

Will the app know my location outside the jobsite?

No. The app only uses your location to know if you are inside the jobsite region. Location data outside of that region is not collected.

Will the app know when I’m onsite and when I leave?

Yes, depending on the location setting you’ve chosen. If “Always Allow” is set the app will monitor whether you are in or out of the project region to provide relevant notifications. If you’ve set permissions to “While Using” the app will only check your location when the app is open and in the foreground.

How do I view my profile information?

In the app, tap on your profile image and tap "View my profile." From here you can view and edit all of your profile information. The fields in your profile are dependent on the project registration requirements. If you make an update and the project requires registration review any changes will be reviewed and approved by project administration.

Do I have to use GPS to use this app? (location services)

It depends on the project. Some projects require location services in order to only allow check-in events to occur inside the project location. Other projects simply allow general check-in and out without a location requirement.

How do I view my location settings?

Location permissions are viewable in the Security or Location Services section on your device settings.

What does “Display my badge” do?

This button in the app displays your digital badge. It shows your profile picture, name, title, company, and access to any certification, emergency contact, and health information.

How do I log out?

Tap your profile picture – Tap “Edit Profile” – Tap “Logout”

When are my timesheets updated?

The app displays start/stop times for the current day. Total hours for each day is available the following day once timesheets are processed.

What if my app seems frozen?

Please try closing the app and reopening. If this doesn’t work try deleting the app and installing again from the appropriate app store.

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