What are the Available User Roles & Permissions

The following table shows the different roles a user can have along with the permissions in those roles include.  Permissions are additive so if a user has two roles and one role has that permission and the other does not the user still has that permission.


  Visibility App Only Standard Registrations Security Project Admin Contract Admin Full Access
Base System   X X X X X X
Registrations     X Badge view only X   X
Completion Report         X   X
Manage Alerts           X X
Manage Users           X X
Manage Zones           X X
Manage Integrations         X X X
Manage Contracts (Values)         X   X
Manage Contracts (No Values)     X X      
Manage Contracts Subscriptions         X   X
Manage Readers           X X
Realtime Evacuation Report     X X   X X
Send Text Messages     X X   X X
Manage Wage Rates             X
Manage Health Registration             X
View Contact Tracing Info             X
Visibility App X X X X X X X


Manage Contracts

The difference between the manage contracts values and manage contract no values permission is that the no values permission cannot see the contract values but they can create or update a contract if they need to do so for the registrations process.


Security Role

The Security Role offers a limited view of the workforce directory in the case contracted security teams are given accounts to perform access control activities. This role can view worker profiles, but can only see the "tags" tab which displays currently-assigned badges.

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