Using Quick Actions

Quick Actions are always located in the top navigation of Eyrus (the lightning bolt icon) and include one-click access to common tasks including assigning a badge, sending a text message, registering someone to the project, and running an evacuation session.


Assign a Badge

This action presents the side panel to easily assign a badge. Simple search for the person by their name or phone number, add the badge ID (up to 2 can be added), and choose the data parameters. Once saved the assignment takes effect on the worker profile.


Message the Workforce

Easily send a text message from Eyrus. Select your audience then filter to any specific companies and desired date range (anyone seen on-site within a certain time if desired). Once you've verified the recipients type your message and click send!


Register Someone

This action presents the project's registration form to easily register a new person.


Evacuation Session

There if you need it, this quick action will immediately direct you to the evacuation screen to start an evac session.


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