Customize your Jobsite Signage


We understand the importance of creating a visually informative and safe environment, and our customizable posters are designed to meet your jobsites specific needs. Once you select your appropriate poster you will just need to add your project specific QR code before printing. 


Poster Options Available:

- Badge Jobsite Poster

- Beacon Jobsite Poster

- General Jobsite Poster



- We have formatted these posters to be printed at any convenient size for your jobsite.

- All signage is available in English and Spanish.

- We suggest placing them in the room/s you are conducting your safety orientations and issuing your Eyrus wearable or your self-registration via the Eyrus App. 


To Customize by adding your project specific QR Code to your poster:

  1. Select Project settings from the drop-down menu at the top of the dashboard.
  2. Click Registrations in the list on the left side of the dashboard.
  3. Click the Registration codes tab to view project code or download QR code.Picture13.png

Note: We recommend posting the QR code and project code in the safety orientation trailer, so workers can self-register during orientation.

Note: If self-registered, registrations will enter a pending state for approval.


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