Get Started with Video Monitoring

If site monitoring cameras have been deployed on your site you can use the Video module in Eyrus to see camera status, live views, as well as a host of other features.

Camera Dashboard

The dashboard displays a tiled view of all your site cameras showing the most recent snapshot. You can also view your cameras in a list to see current status and other details.

Clicking on a camera directs you to the camera profile showing a real-time feed and other features.

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Camera Profile

Each camera deployed on site features a profile page. This is where you'll find the real-time video feed, camera details, and access to its event and recording feeds.

You can play the live stream here and intact with the camera view. Available details include the camera's zone assignment, any location or mounting notes, and current status (online vs offline).

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Viewing an Event

Camera events are automatically triggered based on the camera recognizing a person or vehicle in its view area. Eyrus tags these events and provides a 10-second clip surrounding it. This clip can be played or downloaded to your computer. Use the feed filters to search a specific event type or during a specific timeframe.

Events are stored and available for 30 days.

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Viewing a Recording Clip

Recordings are automatically saved for each camera and available to access in hour blocks. Use the recording feed to search or filter to find recordings from a specific date. Clicking the recording will offer details about when that recording took place as well as clip options. Each recording can be cut to download a clip from a specific time. Simple adjust the recording to focus on a specific time segment and then download the clip directly to your computer.

Recordings are stored and available for 30 days.

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