Setting up Procore with Eyrus

Integrating Procore with your Eyrus project requires a simple, one-time setup. Once complete, daily workforce headcounts are automatically pushed into the daily log in your Procore account. Each night, daily hours are also synced to that manpower log providing a holistic view of daily progress. Follow the steps below to get started!

Install Eyrus from the Procore Marketplace

Eyrus is an available app on the Procore Marketplace. Simply add Eyrus to your account with a click.


Once the Eyrus app is installed in your Procore account navigate to Apps | App Management to view the settings for Eyrus.

Screenshot 2024-05-08 at 11.12.45 AM.png

Click Eyrus and head to the Permissions tab. Make sure your Procore project is enabled for use by the app. Once this is confirmed the Procore side of setup is complete!

Screenshot 2024-05-08 at 11.10.40 AM.png


Configure Procore in your Eyrus Project

Once Eyrus is installed to your Procore account, you can how configure it inside Eyrus. This requires 3 simple steps:

Turn it on

Head to the Integrations page and enable the Procore integration for your project. Then click Authenticate Procore


Authenticate & Select Project

Copy your Company ID from your Procore account. This can be found in your Procore account by heading to Company Settings/Service Accounts. This will connect the accounts and allow you to map and select your project from the dropdown.



Map Procore Contracts

The last step is to map the contracts in Procore to the companies in Eyrus. This is a one-time mapping as the system needs to know what companies to attribute the data. Eyrus will automatically map any companies based on exact matches.

Please note if any additional companies are added during the project these will need to be mapped in this part of the integration.



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