What is Zone Hierarchy?


Zones are the most effective way to divide and manage multiple areas of a project site. Zones provide granular location data for workforce visibility, and also act as access control points that consider the varying levels of access and security across the site. In order to provide the most flexibility, zones can be nested into a hierarchy to provide multiple levels of access and reporting, and reflect the actual physicality of your site.

Up until now our system has treated and displayed zones as a flat list. This meant that all zones existed at the same level, and that there was no concept of parent zones hosting child zones, or child zones belonging within parent zones.

With the introduction of zones hierarchy this changes. Our system now supports the ability to nest zones within zones, and in that way achieve an accurate representation of the physical space of a site, while providing better access control management.

Let’s visualize the concept with a simple example:Screen_Shot_2021-10-18_at_9.25.47_AM.png

Zones hierarchy improves the overall usability of our system; better management of access control rights, improved reporting and filtering, and more context around what is happening and where activity is taking place.


To setup zones hierarchy in your project contact your Eyrus representative.

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