Add Eyrus Partner Card to AutoDesk Insight

Our integration with AutoDesk allows you to add a partner card to your AutoDesk Insight dashboard. This embeds the Apex project dashboard inside Autodesk for easy access to project metrics. Here's how to get started:


Within AutoDesk Insight, click Customize on the project dashboard.Screen_Shot_2022-04-15_at_1.47.11_PM.png

This will allow you to search the card library to add Eyrus as a partner card to your project dashboard. Check the Eyrus card in the search results and click "Add Card."


Once added, you will need to configure the card using your Eyrus account credentials. To do this, click "Configure" and in the prompt, input the Apex login URL - and click "Save."



You will now see the login fields inside the partner card. Once logged in, your Eyrus project dashboard is now visible inside AutoDesk. When you're done click "Save" to confirm the changes.


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