Visibility App FAQs

What are the main reasons why people use the Visibility app?

The Eyrus Visibility app for iOS and Android offers multiple modes and configurations in order for security personnel or the GC team to see all workers within a set radius via their BLE and NFC badges and check them in, or verify access, to the selected zone. 

These events are then recorded and automatically pushed to the Access Control Dashboard in Eyrus.


Where do I get my login information?

The Visibility app uses the same email and password credentials as the Eyrus web platform. 


Who has access from my project?

Anyone who was given visibility app access for your project.


Can I restrict permissions?

You cannot restrict permissions within the app. Only those individuals given Visibility app access by the jobsite moderator can access the app.


Can I create a profile and/or assign badges from the Visibility app?

No. That has to be done in Eyrus or registration via the Eyrus Workforce App.


Does this work with NFC and BLE?

Yes. The app uses the Bluetooth capabilities of your mobile device to list nearby BLE badges. You can also scan NFC badges by tapping it on the back of supported iPhones and Android phones.


What part of the phone do I scan an NFC badge with? How long should it take to read a scan?

NFC badges are read almost instantly by compatible devices. On iPhone, after tapping the "Scan" button hold the NFC badge on the back of the phone towards the tap. On most Android phones, hold the badge on the back of the phone near the center.


Is there a limit on how many BLE badges can be detected at one time?

It will detect all the badges within range of the phone while utilizing the scan distance you selected in the app. But there are variables to consider such as walls, buildings, and signal interference.


When I scan or detect badges, is that data saved? If so, where is it saved?

The app does not save historical scans or badge detection on the mobile device. However if a check-in or access control action is taken that event is sent to the Eyrus cloud and contributes to timesheets and the access control log.


Is there any reporting functionality?

No, not at this time.


What is the range to detect BLE badges/beacons?

The general Bluetooth range for mobile phones is about 30-40 feet. However this could vary depending on the environment.


Will NFC scans show in the Access Control log on the main Eyrus dashboard?

Yes. NFC scans will be logged in Eyrus with name, time, zone, direction, and the user who performed the scan.


Can I check a group for specific certifications all at one time?

No, not at this time. Currently profiles are viewable individually.


What are "modes" and how do they work?

The Visibility app supports 4 modes depending on the use case.

  • "Read Only" mode simply presents a list of people nearby based on ranging BLE badges or by scanning an NFC badge. You can tap a person to see additional profile details.
  • "Check-in" mode allows you to check a person in or out of the selected zone. This adds an event to the access control log.
  • "Auto Check-in" mode automatically performs a check-in action for any BLE badge that comes into range of the mobile device.
  • "Access Control" mode displays the access permission for each scanned badge based on the selected zone. This will send a Granted or Denied action depending on the access permission for the individual.
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