Getting Started with the Visibility App

The Eyrus Visibility app for iOS and Android offers multiple modes and configurations in order for project teams and security personnel to see all workers within a set radius via their BLE and NFC badges and check them in, or verify access, to a selected zone. These events are then recorded and automatically pushed to the Access Control log in Eyrus.


Getting Started

Once signed in, the app will guide you through the initial setup process. This includes selecting a project, zone, and mode to get started.

The mode can be changes at any time by tapping the Eyrus logo in the top left corner.

Project and zone changes can be made in Settings.

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Setting Zone and Direction

The app will assign check in/out and access events to the selected zone. Depending on the desired mode a Direction will also need to be selected.



The Visibility app offers multiple modes to accommodate varying levels of security and access control on site. These modes can be changed dynamically depending on the use case.


Read-only Mode

This mode simply displays the people within Bluetooth range of the mobile device using their LBE badge. Tapping a worker in the listing (or scanning an NFC badge) will display their profile information.


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Check-in Mode

This mode provides an easy check in/out method for head count. As people are seen in range of the mobile device their profile will display an "IN" and "OUT" option. Tapping check in or out will check them in/out of the selected zone and send an access event to the Access Control Dashboard in Apex. This event listing will include the worker information, zone, direction, time of check-in, and app-specific information such as what user performed the action.

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Auto Check-in Mode

Auto Check-in mode performs the same function as above, only check-ins are done automatically when the app sees a nearby person.

Note that the direction for this mode is set in mode selection and applied to all events.


Access Control Mode

Access Control mode displays the current access rights an individual has for the selected zone in the app. Tapping "Grant" or "Deny" will send the respective access event to the system. This behavior is similar to tapping an NFC card on a turnstile or door.

Note that the direction for this mode is set in mode selection and applied to all events.

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Switching zones

Sometimes you may need to check people in and out of a different zone throughout the day. To change zones simply tap the zone name at the top of the screen to display the zone selection menu. Tap the zone you wish to switch to and tap Done. That's it.

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Access events also act as reads to the system, providing a more accurate view into on-site activity. This information is sent automatically from the app and is available in the Access Control Dashboard in Eyrus.


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