Access Control Technical Installation Guide

This guide will help you in the installation of NFC readers, components, and networking required for on-site access control.

Device Overview

What’s Included

The Eyrus access control unit includes all the hardware and software necessary to connect with the Eyrus system, read NFC cards, and control access  to areas secured by MAC turnstiles. Each unit contains a pair of NFC readers and a control box that syncs with Eyrus Apex, allowing users to manage the flow of personnel into and out of secure areas.


Main Control Box




NFC Reader





The following components are included with each NFC Access Control solution:

  • 1x Main Control Box
    • 4 mounting feet, 5/16” clearance holes (M8)
    • 120VAC Power Cable
    • 2x Relay Cables (M12 x Pigtail)
    • 2x NFC Cables (M12)
  • 2x 13.56 MHz NTAG213 Readers
    • M12 Connector field terminable


Main Control Box Installation

Physical Mounting

Main Control Box

The control box can be mounted using the 4 feet and 5/16” or M8 screws. The unit should be mounted to walls or ceilings on the secure side of the access control point.




NFC Reader

Mount each NFC reader at the access point on the insecure side of the point. It is recommended to place each device where it is easily accessible to personnel, e.g. at waist height adjacent to the turnstile or door. Given current installation parameters, a single gangbox is already installed. On this location, install the readers as shown below.


First, remove the top cover using the four (4) screws mounted on the corners. Do this carefully to ensure the cable is not pulled or snagged and the board remains in place and untouched if possible.




Next, locate the two (2) pre-drilled holes on the back cover of the reader and mount on the enclosure on the gangbox holes.




Next, reattach the top cover to the bottom cover, now mounted on the gangbox.




Run the provided cable from the reader to the control box and connect to the green M12 bulkhead connectors. Each access control box can support up to two NFC readers (two “lanes”), good for dual flow in one direction or two-way access control at one location.


Wiring M12 Connectors

In order to connect the wires to the reader using the provided field terminatable M12 connectors. First, unscrew the plastic nut on the rear (cable side) of the connector. Then unscrew the plastic shell to expose the screw connectors. Connect the pins as follows:




Pin Number 1 2 3 4 5


For readers with 4 wires, the plug should be connected as follows:

Pin Number 1 2 3 5
Wire Color RED BLUE GREEN Yellow



Networking & Configuration

The NFC access control unit is pre-configured to be wired via ethernet cable for DHCP connection.


Ethernet and Relays

Plug in the ethernet cord into the RJ45 bulkhead port (red region). Plug in the readers into eachrespective M12 bulkhead connector (green region). 




The two relay outputs are 2-wire cables passing through cable glands (blue region).The relay cables will connect according to the scheme shown below. The two conductor cable (red and black wire) will be used. The red wire will be connected to COM and black to NC.





Providing main power (120VAC) to the control box is done by plugging the 10’ 3-prong cable into a wall outlet. Each NFC reader is powered via the 5-pin M12 cable provided. Once cables are routed, each reader is simply plugged into its respective M12 receptacle. 

Wiring Diagrams

Turnstile Wiring




Door Wiring




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