Using On-site Reset

For projects using gated access control, there may be times where people exit the site without getting formally checked-out by the system. This could be due to them leaving via a zone that isn’t recognized as an exit, a hardware issue, or some other reason which could affect the on-site count.

The system can reset this count each night so as to not impact the next day’s reporting. This reset function can be set to occur at a specific time of day at specific days of the week, or not at all.

This feature will only check out workers who were seen on-site the previous day that are still marked as on-site.

To use On-site Rest head to Project Settings/Access control. By default, the reset is set to Mon-Fri at midnight.

To use a specific cadence, click the Custom time option and input a time of day and select the days of the week you'd like the reset to occur.

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