Setting Zone Access Control by Company

1.  To set zone access control first start by clicking on the tile in the top left of the screen then click the zones section. 

2.  Inside the zones page click on Directory on the left hand side of the page.  Inside the directory this will show you an overview of all zones (parent and child).  Please note if you would like a zone added your Eyrus contact will need to add them for you.  Click on the settings button on the right side of the list to edit access for each zone. 

3.  Inside the setting page for the zone you will have the ability to set the zone to global allow or global deny.  By setting global allow that will set the zone to be open to everyone on site unless specified in the section below that gives you the choice of deny access to certain companies and setting durations.  The same can be said about setting to global allow which will allow you to grant access to only specific companies.  Once you have decided on your zone setting click add company rule.

4.  Once zone setting are saved you can then click on "People & Access".  This will give you a list of people with access to the zone. 

You also can set bulk zone access by selecting a group of individuals.

You can also set zone access individually within a worker profile.

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