Setting Up the Zone Dashboard

1.  To start setting up the zone dashboard first you need to be sure your site is configured for zones.  To do this contact your site account manager to have the initial setup created.  You will see a page like the one below if the site has not been configured yet. 

2.  Once the initial zones are Configured you can edit them by clicking on the edit dashboard button in the top right of the dashboard. 

3.  Inside the Edit section you will see all of the different zone views that have been added or if none have been added a plus button will allow you to add a new view.  

4.  To add a new view click the plus button or "add new view" button.   Most image file formats are accepted.  Please note PDFs are not accepted so please convert into JPEG, PNG, or JPG.

5.  Inside the edit/adding area the dashboard will create an area for you to capture of the image.  You may need to adjust the frame to be vertical vs. horizontal depending on the shape of the image being uploaded.  You will also can name or edit the name of the view.  Once you are satisfied with the view of the image click "next".  

6.  Adding can be done by dragging and dropping labels on to the image that was uploaded.  Once you have moved the label to the correct area of the zone use the drop down to select the zone.   When all of the zone have been added click save view.  The zones are now added and can be viewed on the zones page.



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