Adding a New User - Reviewer (General Contractor) Role

As a Reviewer, you can add and manage users directly into our Construction Daily Report (eCDR) platform. Invite the Subcontractors contacts you wish to receive daily reports from within the eCDR platform, as well as colleagues to submit walkthroughs and/or manage the Construction Daily Report initiative.  Click here to learn more about permission and roles within Axon. 


Instruction for Adding a New User


1.  Once logged in to eCDR, first select the project you’d like to add users to and click on Contracts.




2.  Click the Contract you’d like to manage users for and click the Settings icon.




3.  From the Settings menu click the Contract Users tab. Then click the "Add Contract User" button.




4.  Complete the email and role for the new user and click ‘Add’.  You can add as many users as you want at one time before sending the invitations.




5.  When finished adding user(s) info, click Send Invitations to invite the new users to join. The added users will get an email with instructions on how to set up their profile.






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