Badge Template Selection

If using a NFC badge or BLE sticky back badge it is important to select a badge template that will be used for the project.  Some projects will have a couple variety's of badges (EX: contractor, visitor, owner, etc.).  Eyrus will allow for minor customizations (worker fields/logos/picture size).  During the implementation phase your Eyrus contact will work with you on creating the badge templates necessary for your site and get them uploaded into the dashboard.  Please note after a final decision is made on the template, getting the template uploaded can take 3-4 business days.  Please see below for example templates:

              Example 1                                            Example 2                                     Example 3

Eyrus_Template.png           Option_4__1_.png            Sales_Example_5__1_.png


                 Example 4                                    Example 5

Sales_Example_1.png        Sales_Example_4__1_.jpg        

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