What entities are ingested from a Primavera P6 schedule?

When uploading a Primavera P6 schedule we look at four entities:
  1. Labor resources
    Resources are to P6 what contracts are to Apex. These are the companies participating in the project. We leverage this to map Eyrus contracts to Primavera P6 resources.

    Please note the integration only supports the resource type "Labor".

  2. Resource assignments
    In Primavera P6 resources are assigned specific activities that they need to complete. Activities are then tied to calendars and timeframes. We leverage this to calculate forecasts around planned hours and headcount.

  3. Activities
    Activities are the tasks that need to be completed by each resource.

    Please note that that the integration only supports task-dependent activities.

  4. Calendars
    Calendars represent the timeframe where activities are to be executed per resource assignment.

    Please note that calendars include the defined standard work week, standard work hours, hours per day, standard shift per person, and holidays or exceptions.


Please note that the integration currently assumes a full calendar day for resource assignment start and finish dates - regardless of the time lapse between them.


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