Using Editable Timesheets

Eyrus now provides the ability for admin users (with the necessary permission) to edit workforce timesheets. This can be done at a individual level from the worker profile, or for multiple workers at once using a bulk action from the workforce directory.

It's important to note that editing a timesheet does not delete or hide any historical data or access events - it simply adjusts the recorded gross hours for that day for reporting purposes.

Editing a timesheet

The timesheets tab in the worker profile screen has been updated to provide the ability to edit an existing timesheet. The Type label indicates whether a timesheet has been previously edited, is directly generated by the system, or has been entered manually.

To edit, click the 'edit' action on the timesheet to be updated.

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This will present the side panel where you can edit the first or last seen times (or both) to update the gross hours.

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Once edited the expanded timesheet will still display all timesheet data for that day, but highlight the updated first or last seen times that result in the new gross hours.

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Bulk Changes

Editing timesheet information for a group of individuals can be done via a bulk action from the Workforce Directory. After filtering to the group you'd like to edit the side panel provides the ability to adjust the first seen, last seen, or both times for a given day and applied to the timesheets for the selected people.


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Viewing Edit History

Any changes made to a worker timesheets are saved to the Change Log. Click the Change Log tab in the worker profile to view any edits that were made and by whom.

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